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-Artistic Direction

3rd year Product Design student at the University of Oregon. 

My philosophy centers around the simplicity of "less is more." I'm dedicated to creating products that are not only visually appealing but also practical and user-friendly, my preferred blend of form and function.

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ボックス ライト

University Course: 
PD484 - Desk Lamp Design 
The ボックス ライト [BOX LIGHT] is a flat-pack desk lamp designed with the user in mind. Simple components woven together to create a light not meant to distract—but rather illuminate your most intimate moments. The sub- tle contrast between cork and woven paper offers a soft, dreamy glow to the room. This design was made with inspiration from Japanese washi lanterns and hopes to compete in the market of paper lamps.


The simple aesthetics allow it to blend effortlessly with any home. Some would argue less is more, but this lamp will offer you more light with less space. Light up your bed, record table, or your entire room with this lamp that doesn’t take up unnecessary space.
Setup is simple with everything fitting into a 7” x 7” x 2” corrugated box; the lamp is ready to be unboxed and assembled the moment it leaves the shelf. The main idea with this design was to make everything as transparent as possible. That doesn’t mean that everything is see-through; more along the lines of the components and fabrication being simple and clear for the consumer to understand what the design is trying to communicate.


The ideation came in two parts: form and materials. The form was what 80% of the ideation process was spent getting perfect. Without a good form, you’re left with no cohesion and beauty. The materials were pretty easy to figure out once I had set my limitations with the shape of the lamp.

The cube shape was chosen over a more natural shape to give users the subconscious realization that this lamp can flat pack. You don’t look at a sphere and think it can fold down but cubes and rectangles are quite the opposite.  

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Chase Masaki Travis 
America / Japan