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3rd year Product Design student at the University of Oregon. 

My philosophy centers around the simplicity of "less is more." I'm dedicated to creating products that are not only visually appealing but also practical and user-friendly, my preferred blend of form and function.

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DOC 234—34/2

University Course: 
ARTC 354 - Industrial Ceramics 
Class Objective:
Creating a set of functional dinnerware using industrial ceramics manufacturing methods. Methods used are mold making, jiggering, and tool creation to get a set of ceramics with identical shape and size.  

This set is called “rå”, which is swedish for “raw” and was aimed at creating Michelin-resturant dinnerware, utilizing stoneware manufacturing methods such as slump molds and a style of jiggering. I chose to make this project because I was interested in how dinnerware almost envelops the food in a beautiful way and highlights the positives of the food without overtaking or overshadowing it. This led me into learning what specifically makes a simple but beautiful plate.

The real-world applications of these types of plates are endless, not only are they aesthetically pleasing — they are also very durable due to the clay type and thickness of the material. The fine-dining world is slowly adopting thicker and bolder plates that will last a lifetime. 

One of the most important aspects of this set was the way in which the plate and cup will interact and accentuate the food and drinks placed within them. This led the decision of the color and clay used for this project, with a warm stoneware clay called Soldate and as clear white glaze used. 

The clay used (soldate) is primarily a handbuilding clay with lots of grog and fires to cone 10. The deep red comes from the reduction firing used to get it to the finished stage of ceramics. 

Overall, this project was a 10-week exploration into the world of industrial ceramics and allowed me to get a feel for the advantages as well as the constraints of this ceramics style.  

Chase Masaki Travis 
America / Japan