-Product Designer 
-Digital Designer
-Artistic Direction

3rd year Product Design student at the University of Oregon. 

My philosophy centers around the simplicity of "less is more." I'm dedicated to creating products that are not only visually appealing but also practical and user-friendly, my preferred blend of form and function.

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Chase Masaki Travis

01 Jhair

The Jhair is a fully flatpack chair that utilizes simple CNC milled components, minimal hardware, and interchangable seat slings. The design is inspired most by the Spanish chairs and simple classroom chairs that you may find in kindergarten classrooms.

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July-December 2023

University Course:

Product Design 483 Responsible Chair

02 ボックス ライト

The ボックス ライト [BOX LIGHT] is a flat-pack desk lamp designed with the user in mind. Simple components woven together to create a light not meant to distract—but rather illuminate your most intimate moments. The sub- tle contrast between cork and woven paper offers a soft, dreamy glow to the room. This design was made with inspiration from Japanese washi lanterns and hopes to compete in the market of paper lamps.

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January-March 2024

University Course:

Product Design 484
Desk Lamp Design 


This set is called “rå”, which is swedish for “raw” and was aimed at creating Michelin-restaurant dinnerware, utilizing stoneware manufacturing methods such as slump molds and a style of jiggering. I chose to make this project due to a recent interest in how dinnerware seems to envelop the food it’s presenting. This led me into learning what specifically makes a simple but beautiful plate.

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University Course:

Art Ceramics 354
Industrial Ceramics 


ARMADA STUDIOS is a design collective focused on elevated classics with a scandanavian/Japanese influence. The collective is made up of three design students who handle everything from the deisign/production to the marketing and buisness side of the buisness.  

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Personal Project:

Co-founder, Hard-goods Designer, Graphic Designer, Head of Advertising

05 Tailored Coffee  

Working as an Art Director and Designer for Tailored Coffee Roasters based in Eugene, OR. I worked on the advertising team that led the social posts and brand marketing.  

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September 2023-Current

Personal Project:

Art Direction,
Media Planning,

06 MIDORI Caliper (Concept)

The MIDORI Caliper is meant to be a compact option of a standard caliper with added features of a scale calculator. This caliper is able to lie flat on while still being applicable in a three dimensional space.  

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January-April 2022

University Course:

Product Design 302
Small Objects Design

Chase Masaki Travis
Chase Masaki Travis 
America / Japan