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3rd year Product Design student at the University of Oregon. 

My philosophy centers around the simplicity of "less is more." I'm dedicated to creating products that are not only visually appealing but also practical and user-friendly, my preferred blend of form and function.

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University Course: 
PD483 - A Responsible Chair
Class Objective:
How can you create a durable seating object that addresses functional considerations and is designed in a way that takes responsibility for the impact of the objects creation.

The Jhair is a fully flatpack chair that utilizes simple CNC milled components, minimal hardware, and interchangable seat slings. The design is inspired most by the Spanish chairs and simple classroom chairs that you may find in kindergarten classrooms.

The reason I chose a plywood and denim combo is because both are generally easy to get and reoplace if necessary. The milled components are out of a 4’ x 8’ stock of furniture grade Russian Birch and the denim is 12 oz heavy- weight USA selvedge denim. The look and feel of the chair is entirely up to the user as the seat sling could be made out of many different materials and inhabit a space in multiple ways.

Sketches + Ideation


After sketching and figuring out a direction for the chairs, the next step was to make 1/10 scale models to explore the proportions of the chair. I made a total of 6 small scale models to finally land on the final side profile as well as the final measurements.

The small-scale prototypes led into the first full-scale prototype that guided the research into more in-depth measurements and proportions.  

CNC Cutting + Plywood Layout

Utilizing the CNC machine, a sheet of 4’ x 8’ plywood will provide 3 chairs. The choice of plywood was crucial to the design and the way the chair would be produced — as the more chairs you cut, the machining costs become cheaper and there is significantly less waste.

View the process book here...

Process Book



Chase Masaki Travis 
America / Japan